About Us

How do we differ from the many supplement companies out there, and what makes us better? Fitness House develops supplements packed with natural, high quality ingredients for superior performance and efficacy. You would be shocked at how many companies simply select a product from a mass production company and sell it as their own... knowing little about it. This does not mean they are skilled at developing products that allow you to reach your true potential. This is where Fitness House stands out from the crowd.

Fitness House LLC is a veteran-owned, next-generation supplement company.  Our CEO is a retired US Navy fighter pilot and former Director of Sales for one of the largest and most globally-recognized biomedical companies for several years. As the mastermind behind our hard charging brand of weight-loss products, trust that you're using a supplement packed with time-tested, proven, and effective ingredients.

We worked hard to develop innovative formulas that work, are simple to use, and are convenient.

Lean Lightning, our flagship product, is a rapid results fat burner. It is loaded with potent, highly bioavailability ingredients. Each serving is stacked with proven ingredients that are known to dramatically increase your energy, metabolism, focus, alertness, mental performance, and weight loss potential. Best of all, Lean Lightning is all-natural.

So how are WE breaking the mold? Fitness house joined forces with specialty pharmacists, physicians, and dieticians to develop potent powerhouse weight loss products. We spent two years developing a fat burner containing super-effective ingredients that are powerful individually, and even more when combined. The real magic is in the synergistic effects of Raspberry Ketones and caffeine. The combination supercharges the fat-burning power of the individual ingredients.

We didn't stop there... Lean Lightning will help you lose stubborn fat around the clock. Lean Lightning Night Formula was developed to continue helping your shed pounds and stay trim all while promoting relaxation and restful sleep.

Melatonin, valerian root, and ashwagandha are powerful, yet natural sleep aids. Adequate rest plays a key role in maintaining a healthy body weight, so the importance of these ingredients can’t be understated! Even better, we’ve added in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) to shrink fat and enhance lean muscle tone.

If you're not getting the results you want, and don't have time to mess around, make the switch to Lean Lightning. Watch what happens when you do! Compare Lean Lightning to anything out there and discover the difference yourself.

Fitness House stands behind our products and their effectiveness. 

Try it and we think you will agree. Start living a healthier, more confident life.